Stickyads what are they and how to take advantage of them?


Advertising is a means by which a product or service is promoted, in order to obtain a certain economic benefit. A phenomenon that has been present in our society for many years, but which currently makes use of technological advances and the internet, to make use of resources such as Sticky Ads.

Do you know what Sticky Ads are?

If you are one of the people who browse any of the web pages, you will surely have noticed that there are advertisements that remain on the screen, even though you scroll up or down the site you are visiting, precisely these ads are the Sticky Ads.

They were created to be more advantageous than normal ads, as they remain fixed and fully visible to capture the attention of users. Although they scroll through the content of the page, Sticky Ads will remain in your mind, due to the constant and repetitive way of visualizing them.


Advantages in the use of Sticky Ads

Although advertising is necessary in the commercial world, it can be quite annoying for many users of web pages; Some publishers conduct research to determine the types of ads that can attract the public’s attention, are attractive and cause the least possible inconvenience.

In this case, the aim is to establish what are the advantages of using a fixed ad, which will remain anchored to the screen. Which we could list through the following points:

  • They can be excellent for increasing the visibility of a product, placing it in an attractive and stylized way that will immediately capture the attention of whoever enters the page.
  • At a commercial level, a greater amount of sales is achieved, as a consequence of the results that are obtained with their appearance compared to traditional advertisements.
  • They are not intrusive, like some of the standard digital ads.
  • They are customized in terms of the type of devices in which they will be displayed, thus adjusting their header, size or type.
  • Some of them can be closed at the request of the user, to allow them to continue reading, others are used as headings for the realization of offers and auctions.

Experience for internet users

Without a doubt, fixed ads or Sticky Ads are gaining ground within the online world, they are identified as the advertising of the future, but the other side of the coin corresponds to the experience lived by the users of the web pages, while browsing Internet.

In some cases, if this type of ad is not handled properly, it can cause obstruction of the display of the content of the page, which leads to discomfort to many users.

Sticky Ads, therefore, can have some negative aspects that should be considered by many publishers before placing them as part of their web content, among which we highlight:

  • Fixed advertisements are not ideal for all types of digital networks, so when used without authorization, they would imply a penalty that could lead to the blocking of the account. However, they are allowed if your block is used for anchor or overlay ads.
  • It is necessary that publishers have the necessary technology to manage their anchor ads, otherwise, they may cause a bad experience for the user while browsing the page.
  • A Sticky Ad that is not placed properly can affect the performance of other types of ads that are part of the web page.

It is important to note that Sticky Ads are not allowed with Google AdSense, especially if the user cannot close them; because they would not allow the complete display of google ads, which is part of their use policies, but they do through mobile devices.

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