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Video Programmatic Infographic | October 2014

Proving that video programmatic is leading the way

Programmatic video has been adopted by advertisers across a wide range of industries in Europe, as demonstrated in the first in a monthly series of infographics from The results from 801 European advertisers demonstrates the benefits of programmatic video solutions across five key industry verticals – FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods), Financial & Insurance, Health & Beauty, Automotive, and Telecoms.

The statistics, generated from’s own Supply-Side Platform (SSP), relate to video ads placed in a wide number of European countries, with a strong focus on the ‘EU5’ countries – the UK, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain. The infographic details the number of completed ad impressions on mobiles and desktop screens across various categories of publisher websites, including hobbies and interests, gaming, music, film and television.

So how is programmatic video advertising performing across Europe?

Industry trends

The FMCG industry reported the highest number of completed impressions from video ads in September 2014, with an average completion rate of 36% across EU5. The Financial & Insurance and Automotive industries followed closely behind, receiving click-through rates of 18% and 17% respectively. Health & Beauty followed at 15% and Telecoms came last at 14%. While these figures are based on an average rate across the EU5, it is interesting to note that the completion rates differed according to country. For example, in Italy the Telecoms industry scored the highest average at 25%, with FMCG in second place at 12%.

Screen performance – mobile vs. desktop

Ad completion rates are an excellent key performance indicator for advertisers to understand how users have engaged with a video ad. The figures speak for themselves: 70% of video ads are viewed in full on desktop screens, and over half (53%) of video ads are viewed to completion on mobile devices. This confirms video as an eye-catching and effective advertising format across devices – and proves programmatic works well on video.

Content performance Content really is king, with video ads more likely to be viewed from start to finish when the impression is seen on a publisher website relating to lifestyle. More than 85% of video ads viewed to completion occurred on websites relating to hobbies and interests, followed by television (83%), music (75%), film (66%) and gaming (62%).

Pricing The infographic also details the differing prices for the Effective Cost per Thousand impressions (eCPM) of video programmatic advertising, which varies widely across EU5. Programmatically mature marketplaces, such as Germany and the UK, experienced the highest price per impression – Germany commanded €23.16 and the UK €16.18, whereas Spain, at the opposite end of the spectrum, recorded €4.29. This strong disparity tends to be dependent on the ability of digital to compete against other mediums, the programmatic approach, and the overall economic situation of each country.

Performance by country Across EU5, almost three-quarters of consumers (74%) watch a video ad in its entirety. The average video completion rates in Germany and France are slightly higher at 75.4% and 75.1% respectively, with Italy following closely at 69.5%.

As the infographic demonstrates, programmatic video continues to achieve desirable impressions and completion rates, so it comes as no surprise that many European advertisers are increasingly adopting this effective method of advertising. Completion rates are promising across both mobile and desktop screens, proving that consumers are engaging with video ads in their entirety, and it will be interesting to see how these statistics develop over the coming months.

Watch this space for’s next infographic, based on programmatic video activity in October 2014.

Click on the image to see it in full size Video Programmatic Infographic October 2014