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Platform Cookie & Privacy Policy provides software that allows publishers to manage video advertising alongside their content. In order to provide these services, our software may set cookies or collect some data. Here, we provide a summary of the cookies and data managed by our advertising platform.

Cookie & Data Use sets cookies for the provision of the service. These include an anonymous persistent user ID, a session cookie, capping cookies and matched anonymous IDs to buyer’s systems. This ID is used in the provision of the ad-service and in the collection of statistics (to determine, for example, how many users have seen an advertisement and which countries those originated in. This data is collected on behalf of the publishers who use software. cookies are not used to track interests or otherwise profile users. You should check with the cookie & privacy policy of the sites you visit to see if they use other services generate anonymous behavioural profiles for advertising. The URL of the publisher’s page on which the video advertisement is shown is stored by the system to report delivery statistics and is used by fraud detection mechanisms to ensure referrer is related to the publisher. As part of the standard provision of the service, the system contacts potential buyers, such as advertisers or advertising agencies (via the systems they use) to ask for a ‘bid’ to put their advertisement on the publisher’s site. This is known as a ‘bid request’. In order for buyers to determine if they wish to bid, must provide some basic information about the placement to the buyer:

  • The user’s IP address and the user’s country inferred from this IP data. This is to help identify the country in which the ad is to be shown to help ensure appropriate advertising. IP data also helps buyers with fraud detection. uses industry standard data to determine country of origin of the request
  • Relevant buyer IDs and cookie ID
  • Browser Language (from the HTTP header: a standard part of the HTTP communication protocol)
  • Device type (desktop, mobile device or other)
  • The referral URL (of the publisher’s page on which the ad is shown) so that the buyer can determine what content the advertisement is being placed next to
  • The ID of the placement that the bid request is for

For system performance management and usage information, logs the referral URL alongside the original information from the request (such as user’s IP, cookie ID and user-agent). does not use this data for building behavioural – or other – profiles, nor for any subsequent advertisement targeting. does not gather any other information from publishers or from web users. Most buyers use systems external to and it is advertisements from these systems which are returned. has no control over the content of the advertisement, including any cookies and web beacons set by the buyer.

Opt-Outs does not collect data, nor set cookies, to build profiles for interest-based (also known as behavioural) advertising. Some of our buying partners may do this from their systems. You should check and to understand which companies use this data and opt-out if you wish to.

Data is a European company. Our primary data centres are located in Europe. All traffic for European customers, including data referenced above, is managed and stored in the EU. We also have data centres in North America which are designed to process requests from that region. Data from the North American region is transferred for EU data centres for reporting purposes.


This page was last updated on 2nd September 2015



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